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Art Hotel

Staying at the Hotel Ristorante La Piana***S also means immersing yourself in the world of art with periodic exhibitions and events. Several artists have done us proud with the exhibition of their works.

  • Art Hotel 7
    Maria Sara Pistilli

    Maria Sara Pistilli was born in Torre del Greco but lives and works in Angri (SA). You have been present on the local and national art scene since 1980, you present a varied artistic production, from landscape to figurative. Winner of many prizes and awards, her works appear in public and private collections. Newspapers such as Il Mattino, Il corriere della sera, Roma, Voce della Notte, Quadrato and critics such as Galante, Di Bartolomeo, Girace and many others have written about her. "With chromatic immediacy of vague impressionistic luminism, through large mixtures far from formalism of an academic setting"

  • Art Hotel 8
    Italo Mustone

    “From primordial chaos, our universe originates according to rules and precise balances. Four elements distinguish it: WATER, AIR, FIRE and EARTH ”.
    Born in Trevico (AV) in 1953, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1974. In the meantime, his relationships with Mimmo Iodice, De Simone and Lucio Amelio with whom he undertakes various collaborations are certainly formative. At the same time he conducts reportage in the degraded Neapolitan suburbs on behalf of the newspaper Paese Sera and this allows him to meet the artists gravitating in those years around the Modern Art Agency such as Paladino, Lombards and others. Turin, where he has been working since 1981, is certainly an important step for Mustone, who comes into contact with the gallery owner Bertaccini who collaborates with the artists of the Arte Povera movement. A conceptuality, that of Mustone, deeply similar to that of the Arte Povera group where the relationship between man and nature has a fundamental value.

  • Art Hotel 9
    De Angelis

    Francesca De Angelis, born in Marino in 1979, lives and works in Rome. From the very first approaches with colored pencils she shows a marked sensitivity for line and color. She starts drawing before learning to write and at the age of ten she is already introduced to painting by Rita Cappi, who accompanies her precious creative vein from the first year of artistic high school. After high school, she graduated in painting with a grade of 110 cum laude at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with prof. Constantino Baldino and Giuseppina Maletta. Appreciated interpreter of reality and human nature, caught even in the crudest social truth with both particular pictorial energy, Francesca De Angelis is inspired by the intensity of looks, poses and faces, managing to animate the matter of color with vibrant intrigues chromatic.

  • Art Hotel 10

    Calabrese proposes a reality made up of daily events, presences and absence, his characters insinuate themselves in a mysterious deafening silence. He represents the social condition of men, between invention and reproduction of reality: even if the image is not the story of a fact, but it is the synthesis of a temporal judgment on the existence of relationships and the authenticity of sensations. Calabrese paints on large surfaces and highlights a strong expressive connotation of the bodies, which follow one another with barely human faces with summary and coarse features.

  • Art Hotel 11
    Alfonso Zeoli

    Alfonso Zeoli triggers deep ties with oriental culture and manages to transmit, through painting, the images of a distant civilization. From the pictorial language of him live forms with warm colors that enclose the magical atmospheres of those enchanted places. He places himself at the center between his origins and those he discovers day after day, and filters the substance of knowledge and approaches it to the pleasure of life. His works by him are the synthesis of a piece of history that passes through men, which reveals the travail of an existence rooted in a dark culture, where survival is the necessary condition for living. Only those who are brave can understand the enormous weight that pierces the animals that animate his surfaces.

  • Art Hotel 12

    I met Marco a few years ago, already attentive to the controversies of contemporary art; he approaches the events in the area with the discretion of those who feel the need to make themselves known and with the strength of those who are aware of their path. Marco is very young, but his academic studies have allowed him the right growth ... from photographic to pictorial technique ... until he reaches art as such. And it is now this art that Marco puts all of himself, all of his interiority ... until he discovers himself, to the point of proposing his struggle, his revolt against the institutions ... and with his monochromes he rises up against an environment that oppresses and defends him their autonomy. Why "Dedalus"? Years ago I read a book by James Joyce and I loved starting out like that.